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Pet Welfare Orgs

Stress Free Advocacy

Your Personal Marketing Advocate

Pet welfare organizations now have access to a full service marketing program at no cost consisting of an entire suite of connected solutions focused on engaging pet lovers & boosting team morale using relationship building strategies.   

We provide a complete strategy that makes it F-U-N to showcase long stay pets, recruit fosters & volunteers, nurture long term relationships and keep pet-lovers engaged… including a support team to manage all the time consuming parts!


Creating Something BIGGER

Our team seeks out partnerships with pet care brands aligned with advocating for and alongside pet welfare organizations.  This allows us to fund innovative solutions meant to address the critical needs of pet welfare organizations through mutually beneficial collaborations that create something bigger than either can create on their own.

Keeping New Pets in Homes

New Pet Support Program for Fosters & Adopters

We provide supportive communication utilizing emails, text messages and easily accessible resources meant to keep pets in homes, build long term bonds with adopters and create camaraderie within foster teams.

Open Communication

6 automated emails + 2 sms filled with check-ins, update/feedback prompts, training guides & printable plan

Enrichment Focused

Enrichment Focused

Lots of tips + training tools to help pets (and parents) thrive mentally & physically during transitions

Professional Guidance

Professional Guidance

Learning + activity guides written by Dogly's Professional Positive Reinforcement Trainers

Promotion Programs for

Long Stay Pets

We’re helping long stay shelter dogs by matching them with pet brands eager to promote them!  Brands send gifts to spotlight pets, teams capture photos of them being spoiled and that content is shared on social platforms!

Monthly Engagement

December Content

Each month we provide emails, social media designs, digital fundraisers and brand collaboration posts.  Below are a few of our favorites for this month!

Holiday Gift Giving!

A morale booster for your team including a virtual "grab bag" of sorts with options to offer as a free gift for fosters, volunteer and staff!

Long Stay Pet Promotion

Operation Santa Paws focuses on promoting long stay pets in a festive and cheery campaign

Foster Club

A full plan for keeping foster pets safe this holiday season,

Your Mission is Ours, Too!

Join Our Network of Pet Welfare Organizations!

Our entire goal is to figure out ways to genuinely take the weight off of overwhelmed teams within pet welfare that deserve to have access to marketing and relationship building strategies that help the immediate and long term operational success of their organization.  

We are pet welfare professionals with decades of marketing, strategic planning and brand partnership experience.  We really listen to the cries for help, build open communication relationships with the teams we support and use our personal time to recruit pet care brands willing to partner with pet welfare organizations in ways that are actually beneficial for the pets in their care.

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We are happy to discuss our programs with you and your team at any time!

Our Pet Parent Center is dedicated to providing supportive resources for all those amazing people caring for rescue pets.

Spotlight Pets

Adoptable pet brand models representing shelter pets from all across the country.

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