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Holiday Marketing

People will be taking to social media during the holiday season so it’s the perfect time to “spam” your friends, family, coworkers, people in the checkout lines with photos/stories about your “ham” and by that we mean, your cute foster pet!

4 Holiday Foster Marketing Ideas

  • If you’re planning to send out greeting cards this year, make sure your foster pet is the highlight!  We’re sure your family is adorable but most people know what you look like… they probably don’t know you foster pets or that you have an amazing pet available for adoption!   *Helpful hint – You can create a virtual holiday card and post this on social media and send it out via email!
  • Highlight the Similarities between Elf on the Shelf & Fostering!   Elf on the shelf is stressful, annoying and a LOT of work for an inanimate object!  It is definitely way less stressful to bring home a Senior Foster Dog than deal with that!  Perhaps this might not exactly be the best campaign to get your foster dog adopted (although, you could promote you dog in this way so you can bring home another one).  
  • SPAM YOUR HAM!  Post a photo of your pet, and even better a video – EVERY FRIDAY!  Make sure you post a photo and title it “SHARE MY FOSTER FRIDAY!”  Ask your friends and family to help your foster pet reach their family and use this as a time to respond to comments like “you should keep them” and explain how foster homes are in great need right now and invite them to give it a try with you!
  • Send a Blast Email to everyone you know!  Keep it positive, motivating and cute – share your foster dog details and ask them to consider adopting or fostering too!  It’s harder than ever for emails and posts to reach pet lovers via marketing, so a personal, authentic reach out is guaranteed to have better results!  It doesn’t have to be long – just a photo of your pet, their likes, and why they would be an amazing addition to any family and ask for ideas to help find them a home!

Canva Templates

Canva has a free subscription version that make creating and posting designs very easy and they also offer a FREE “pro” subscription to registered charities. (This is not an affiliate link, it’s just a helpful tool).

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