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While you don’t want to push foster pets too quickly outside their comfort zone while they are still decompressing as this can make them regress and/or potentially become a “flight risk” (actively attempts to escape for a safer space), as a foster parent, you do want to help them develop foundational training as quickly as possible which will allow them to build upon their socialization skills for however long they are with you and then continue when they go into their adoptive home.

It’s important to adopters the information they get from foster parents about a dog matches the behavior they see when meeting them.  So it’s very important to understand that no matter how calm your foster pet might be inside your home, with your other pets and with family members they are comfortable with… anything new that stimulates their senses (sight, smell, sound) can prompt unexpected responses you + your foster pet might be unprepared to manage. 

You’ll want to prevent losing a potential adoption opportunity because your foster dog didn’t make the best first impression and was misjudged while they were “having a moment.”

This planner provides all you need to know about slowly and safely socializing your pet with new people and pets + in new places!

Dogly Training Tips

Professional Guidance

how do I... get my dog used to the car stop my dog from pulling calm my dog outside ?

Tools & Training Tips

Fosters Can Use in Adoptive Homes

Relevant and relatable tips that offer opportunities to help train your foster pet using tools and routines that can “go with them” into their adoptive homes and be used by their adoptive families to make the adjustment less stressful.

*Great for teaching recall and pseudo “off-leash” enrichment

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