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There’s going to be times you need to leave your pet alone and the best way to reduce separation anxiety over being alone/separated/safely confined is by making it part of a daily mental+physical exercise routine.  

Pets that are comfortable by themself and that have a specific cue-tool associated with their time alone makes it very easy for them to adjust to being alone in their new home.  Instead of not knowing why they are confined/alone, they will know enrichment toys = being alone and self soothing with a focused activity.

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how do I... calm my dog around new people get my dog to calm down use a crate properly ?

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Fosters Can Use in Adoptive Homes

Relevant and relatable tips that offer opportunities to help train your foster pet using tools and routines that can “go with them” into their adoptive homes and be used by their adoptive families to make the adjustment less stressful.

Our Pet Parent Center is dedicated to providing supportive resources for all those amazing people caring for rescue pets.

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