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Foster Pets

We’re thrilled you’ve opened your home to a foster pet and we’re excited to support you both as you begin this rewarding experience together!

For dog foster parents, your instinct/emotions will drive you to spoil your pup – BUT  a lack of boundaries = lack of healthy bonding = returning pets due to stress or overwhelm.  

Our goal is to help you build a healthy + mutually respectful relationship with your foster pet and to feel fully supported in your journey as a foster parent because the truth is, we really need you!

By following the tips and helpful guidance, your foster journey will be a long, happy and fulfilling one!


The Best Plan For The Best Result

Setting expectations will help everyone adjust as seamlessly and with as little stress possible.  Explore each plan to read the tips, tutorials and training guidance recommendations!


Fosters Can Use in Adoptive Homes

Relevant and relatable tips that offer opportunities to help train your foster pet using tools and routines that can “go with them” into their adoptive homes and be used by their adoptive families to make the adjustment less stressful.

Replace Anxiety with FUN Enrichment Toys

Since veterinarians and behaviorists recommend mental enrichment for anxious and bored dogs, when your pup licks our Dog Lick Bowl, it doesn’t just offer anxiety relief, it's also fun for them and great for incorporating into alone time training!

Preventing Lost Pets By Practicing Recall

Practice makes perfect, right?  Well, it can at least make dangerous situations a little more safe - and one of the best ways to prevent lost pets is by practicing recall using "mock off-leash" training.  Long lines are a great option!

Smart Bells for Simple Potty Training

Potty training is important for you while your foster stays with you, but using potty bells can make it easy for your dogs in new homes to adjust quickly by recognizing their potty cue tool.

*Slip leads are a safe option for fearful/flight risk dogs.

Our Pet Parent Center is dedicated to providing supportive resources to amazing parents caring for rescue pets in shelters, foster and adoptive homes.

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