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This center was created for our adopters and foster parents to ensure trustworthy and supportive resources are readily available.  Thanks to support provided by Dogly, our pet parents now have feasible access to a community of certified trainers, nutritionists and wellness experts. 


We’ll help you build a healthy, happy, and respectful relationship with your new dog by providing step by step guides and easy to navigate resources that will make the transition into your home stress-free and fun for the entire family.

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We’re so excited to gift you a few FREE special goodies as a THANK YOU for welcoming a new pet into your home!


Struggling with manners?  Use the advice from Dogly’s certified, positive reinforcement trainers in helpful guides filled with simplified learning and easy to try activities you can use to create a customized plan for your pup.


Choose from the general wellness topics below to read the easy to navigate guides* written by Dogly’s certified wellness professionals. 

*Guides are not meant to be a substitute for veterinary care.

personalized guidance


Choose topics from training, nutrition or wellness categories to create customized, step-by-step guidance for your dog.  Inside your planner you’ll be able to track progress, get activity reminders, bookmark advice you want to remember, and ask professionals (Advocates) questions in the community discussions.


Dogly’s certified nutritionists will help you navigate everything from understanding what’s in kibble to cooking fresh meals in your own kitchen! 

rescue dog recommended


A few favorite video tips and tutorials for pet welfare approved products!

Replace Anxiety with FUN Enrichment Toys

Since veterinarians and behaviorists recommend mental enrichment for anxious and bored dogs, when your pup licks our Dog Lick Bowl, it doesn’t just offer anxiety relief, it's also fun for them and great for incorporating into alone time training!

Preventing Lost Pets By Practicing Recall

Practice makes perfect, right?  Well, it can at least make dangerous situations a little more safe - and one of the best ways to prevent lost pets is by practicing recall using "mock off-leash" training.  Long lines are a great option!

Smart Bells for Simple Potty Training

Potty training is simplified when your dogs can associate going outside, with an action that results in the door opening for them.  The smart bell is a 21st century potty training technique that includes your pup in the age of electronics!

Our Pet Parent Center is dedicated to providing supportive resources to amazing parents caring for rescue pets in shelters, foster and adoptive homes.

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